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Graffiti rockers!

Published : Nov 13, 2018, 12:14 am IST
Updated : Nov 13, 2018, 12:14 am IST

The band shares an opinion with many other artists that the music industry has been stagnant and degrading in the past few years.

Hindi rock band Indi Graffiti gets candid with us ahead of their tour to promote their new album, Tumse Na Ho Payega....
 Hindi rock band Indi Graffiti gets candid with us ahead of their tour to promote their new album, Tumse Na Ho Payega....

Indi Graffiti boasts of a repertoire that has a blend of hard rock, Carnatic and Hindi pop/rock music. They will start touring the country with their new album Tumse Na Ho Payega. They are all set to play in Bengaluru on November 15 at the Hard Rock Cafe following which they will head to Hyderabad, Mumbai and end their tour in Goa. In conversation with the band, we find out more...

Formed in 2007, the band has a line up of Bharat Rajagopalan (lead vocalist), Glenn Joseph (drummer), Akshat Kavidayal (bassist) and Akhilesh Kumar (lead guitarist). On how the band came together, they say, “Indi Graffiti was formed by Glenn and Bharat who were colleagues. In 2016, the current line-up with Akshat and Akhilesh was completed. Akhilesh joined as a sessions guitarist and became a permanent member with Akshat in 2016.” Food has the ability to bring and keep people together. The same goes for these four as well. “The one factor that has kept us growing strong is food and the thirst to always keep re-inventing and trying something new,” they say admitting that they are a confluence of many influences but with roots in Rock. On their biggest inspirations they share, “Even though we have different interests and influences, we seem drawn to classic and hard rock artists such as AC/DC, Led Zepplin, Iron Maiden, Dave Mathews Band, Indian Ocean, Junkyard Groove, Zero, Thermal and a Quarter, Blackstratblues to name a few.”

Their new album Tumse Na Ho Payega released on August 31. Talking about the album and it’s unique name they share, “The name is a jibe at all those who tell us that music is – just a hobby, a passtime, something that’ll never last, which is not a career path. And basically don’t believe that music can be so much more than for just an elite few.” Their album is an amalgamation of all their cherished compositions. They add, “The album is an eclectic mix of our cherished compositions. We were on a hiatus for two years and when the current line-up came together, we knew that this was the sound that will ‘be the saving grace of a stagnating music industry.” The responses so far for the album have been critically positive. On what they have planned for the tour the band members say, “This is our second tour and we start at home, Bengaluru. We then continue to Hyderabad, Mumbai and we end our tour in Goa.” The saying – home is where the heart is holds true for this band. “Having played in cities such as Mumbai and Hyderabad, we can say that they are close second after our homecity. We are really looking forward to Goa, as it’s our first time there,” they share.

The band shares an opinion with many other artists  that the music industry has been stagnant and degrading in the past few years. “This has impacted venues, bands, artist managers and other players in the scene quite drastically and has thus directly impacted the creative freedom of artists. The recent rules and regulations around licensing for live venues have also made opportunities for showcasing good artists (and music) all the more harder,” a band member says.

Their shows are often considered to be a roller coaster sonic experience. This they say is because their gigs are as fun as roller coasters. The energy they bring on the stage and the fun they have performing reaches the crowds as well. On the process that they follow together as a band – Bharat usually writes the lyrics, Glenn throws down the beats, Akshat comes up with the groove, Akhilesh rips solos apart. Then good things happen.

This band proves that different individuals with different personalities can come together if there is one factor that binds them together. And in this case, its music. “If we are touring and not playing then we love trying local cuisine. And considering our waistlines, eating is at the top of the list of things to do when not jamming or performing. We also listen to a lot of music and hence there are many genres that we enjoy listening to and at times end up jamming on.” The bands will be leaving for their four city tour soon. “ There will be a lot more shows, a music video, an EP and way more EPICNESS!,” they conclude.

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