Tune in: Melody Matters

FTII graduate and an author, Aditya Kripalani is also a musician and a filmmaker.

FTII graduate and an author, Aditya Kripalani is also a musician and a filmmaker. The 35-year-old is a songwriter and composer, whose debut video Mumbai Devi De Mujhko Maafi has been viewed on YouTube over a lakh times. We chat with Aditya about his favourites:

What’s the one song you have on repeat on your iPod these days?
The Ballad of Lucy Jordan from Thelma and Louise, and Makeba by a group called Jain.

If you had to put together a soundtrack for your life, name five songs that would feature in it?
Serenade by Schubert. It has a certain pace that resembles life to me, melancholic, yet eventful, solitary yet in good company, It never entered my mind by Miles Davis.

Stranger Lives from the Dhobi Ghat soundtrack by Gustavo Santaollala, Din Dhal Jaaye and Abhi Na Jao Chhodkar for their deep yearning and old school romance that’s evergreen. Both these love songs can make me cry time and again.

Is there a song you love to listen to when:
You’re happy and upbeat: Dil Chahta Hai.

You’re really low: Mr Tambourine Man.

Is there any music you used to love as a kid or a teenager that you’re now embarrassed by when you think back?
Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams.

How would you describe your taste in music?
My taste in music is like my taste in people and films — I like anyone who’s a cool person, and any good film. And it’s the same with music. I love jazz as much as I love classical as much as I love Bollywood music. I dislike metal.

If you could have one musician perform a private concert for you, who would it be?
Bob Dylan, for he’s the artiste who has most inspired me for life as a musician.

As told to Aarti Bhanushali

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