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A serious SPIN doctress

Published : Dec 5, 2018, 12:49 am IST
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A DJ who is turning tables across the country, Ishani Majumdar hopes to create a wave of change in the way India perceives female DJs.

Ishani Majumdar
 Ishani Majumdar

For most of us music is therapy. It is what keeps us going when we are low or charges us up when we want to celebrate. It is the same for DJ Ishani Majumdar, an artist who has performed in Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, among other cities and is all geared up to perform in Delhi on December 8.

The young artist speaks about her life as a musician and more...

Known for her leaning towards hip-hop, Ishani begins by saying, “I play mostly hip-hop and I blend it with R&B and dancehall. I fell in love with hip-hop years ago when I realised the versatility of the genre. It tells stories, but it also entertains and has got songs for all situations. From conscious and politically-charged, to just going crazy in the club.”

One aspect that cannot be ignored in our country is the struggles a female artist (in any field) faces. When asked how her experience of being a female DJ in a male dominanted industry, she is honest and fully aware of her skills. “Patriarchy is real and till today I still bump into the odd chauvinist that tries to downplay my skills or compliments me for only looks but not skills. However, it was much worse when I started so it doesn’t bother me. The perk I’d say is that I easily impress, and surprise because most people are likely to underestimate the abilities of a female DJ. So when a female DJ actually delivers, it surprises them. However, you can’t survive long in any industry if you’re a gimmick, male or female, so I take the duration of my career as an endorsement from the industry,” explains the DJ.

 Ishani has played at Mag Fields last year, and will be at Sunburn this year. She has played along with Justin Timberlake’s DJ, Mark Da Spot. Whatever said and done. Her regular nights are her personal favourites, where she is currently engaging in Saturday Night DJing.

Recalling what inspired her to be a DJ, going back to her roots, Ishani says, “I’ve always loved music since I was a child, my granny was a respected classical musician, and my mother also teaches classical music. I’m unfortunately not trained in classical, but I guess the love of music is still in the DNA. My love for music and desire to make people happy inspired me.”

On future plans, Ishani sees herself as a musician for many years to come. “I’m still aiming higher as far as my career is concerned, there are still stages I hope to grace because I don’t think I’m anywhere near as accomplished as a DJ. I’ve also started developing an interest in music as a subject, so music production is naturally the next phase. In fact, I’m already working on some original works, so finally I can convince my family that I’m a musician too. I plan to collaborate with some local musicians too.”

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