Avoid copycat workouts, warn experts

Several fans have been going gaga over celebrity workouts and how they make it seem really easy.

Celebrities are often perceived by the public as ‘perfect’, with people trying to emulate their fashion sense, the way they carry themselves, and even the way they workout. Many celebrities give fans updates about their daily lives via social media and often end up sharing their workout videos too. Take for instance, actresses Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha, Malaika Arora and Shilpa Shetty Kundra among others, who shared their handstand and headstand videos on Instagram recently.

“Exactly a month ago, I posted a video of me doing a very improper headstand. A month after, with practice and determination, I posted a proper one with my legs aligned and perpendicular to the floor. Progress makes me happy,” posted Sonakshi Sinha.

Fans have been going gaga over these videos and have been commenting about how easy these celebs make it seem. But experts warn against copying them without training and supervision.

“Getting the technique right is very important. A lot of preparation goes before doing a headstand or a handstand. They do it against the wall and then away from it. The workout videos celebs post is to encourage people to stay fit and not to imitate them. Even when I post a workout video of either mine or of a celebrity, I write a little description about what muscles will benefit from it,” says celebrity
fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala.

“Sirsasana or a headstand is called the King of asanas and has its own benefits. It reverses the pressure of gravity on the organs, helps with many health conditions, increases blood flow to the brain, head and neck region, creates inner balance, and has circulatory and respiratory benefits. But each asana may have counter effects, if not done under the supervision of an expert. In this asana, the entire body weight is on the neck, shoulders and head,” says yoga therapist, Sharmila Taneja.

 Shilpa urged people to not try this exercise all of a sudden, as it took her a lot of core and postural  strengthening to reach thereShilpa urged people to not try this exercise all of a sudden, as it took her a lot of core and postural strengthening to reach there

A word of caution
“Your fitness level has to be good. These girls have been exercising for years. They post a video only once they perfect an exercise, and it takes a lot of practice to get there. How long it takes for a person to ace a headstand or a handstand depends on their fitness level. If you get it wrong, you will fall straight on your head, and hurt your neck,” says Yasmin. Sharmila adds, “If suffering from neck injuries, spondylosis and a lack of balance, you must be extremely careful. If you have an eye condition, glaucoma or holes in the retina, you must not do it as excess pressure can worsen the condition. Those suffering from high blood pressure must be careful and people who have undergone a pacemaker surgery must consult the doctor if they want to do this asana. Those suffering from migraine and sinus should not practice during an attack. This asana isn’t also advised for those with certain menstrual disorders.”

Yasmin sums up, “People copying celebrity workouts should educate themselves and not blindly imitate them.”

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