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  Entertainment   In Other News  21 Aug 2019  Meet this guy 'Selaiman Azizi' who lives like a celebrity

Meet this guy 'Selaiman Azizi' who lives like a celebrity

Published : Aug 21, 2019, 3:18 pm IST
Updated : Aug 21, 2019, 3:18 pm IST

Selaiman Azizi is one of the most unique personality you'll ever come across.

Selaiman Azizi.
 Selaiman Azizi.

Selaiman Azizi is one of the most unique personality you'll ever come across. Despite being an entrepreneur and highly into business, He is a super entertaining person. Selaiman considers fun and entertainment the fuel that keeps him going and that's why he always make the time for his entertainment. He loves to go nigh club parties, action-packed movies and for major sporting events. All of these things are his biggest source of entertainment and as well as motivation for him to keep working hard.

In today's world, to succeed in any business or venture, it is essential to make the smartest decision and have a fearless and learning mind to success in any industry. The reason is simple because at present, whatever succeeds the main reason behind that success is the main person and his mind and execution. The entrepreneur skills are required to grow and succeed in business. Selaiman Azizi is one such person who has shown his extraordinary decision making skill and proactive mind for his business and made it successful.

In the oil business, Selaiman Azizi is considered a professional Closer. As he knows very well how how to close deals very fast where both sides (Buyers and Sellers) makes a profit.  He went to say that "I am very professional in banking. I am making business with me secures every corner of the deal, including the banking side as I am very professional, and I understand every art of Banking Transaction."

Selaiman Azizi, who hails from Germany, is an extraordinary entrepreneur and successful businessman. He's venture and business has expanded wide all across the Gulf, China, and Africa. His name is amongst one of the most prominent young businessmen of this generation. Mr Azizi has invested in various companies and owns at least 5O per cent of the shares in each of the company. Alongside he is also the president of several companies that deal in finance, food beverage, and tobacco industry. He also owns a cigarette brand name, "Boss Cigarette." which is so prevalent in the middle eastern market.

Apart from his high-class business lifestyle and ventures, Selaiman Aziz is a very genuine family person and lives in Dubai. In his life, he loves to play soccer, and he is a huge soccer fanatic. He is friends with a lot of big international European soccer players. Coming from a very humble background, Mr Selaiman Azizi knows the struggle and challenges a common man has to face in his life. That's why he does a lot of social work to help people like them. He is a true icon for the youngsters to how to work hard and struggle to get success. His humbleness and kind heart is an inspiration for everyone.

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