Film crew start hashtag to protest poor audience response

Director Guru Deshpande: Is it a crime to make good films in Kannada?

Bengaluru: While the world is celebrating Valentine’s Day, the team behind the Kannada film Gentleman are so disappointed by the audience response that they decided to observe a black day as a mark of protest.

They turned the profile photos on all their social media accounts to black and even launched a Twitter hashtag #GentlemanBlackDay to convey their disappointment.

The film starring Prajwal Devaraj, Nishvika Naidu, Sanchari Vijay and others opened to rave reviews along with reports that there was a huge demand for its remake rights. A Tamil film-maker reportedly bought the remake rights and is planning to remake it by casting either Jayam Ravi or Vijay Sethupathi.

Despite the positives, the film is struggling at the box office. The new releases this week have made it worse for Gentleman, say the filmmakers.

They resorted to this novel protest to urge audiences to watch their honest effort in making original content with a difference. The film talks about a man who has a sleep disorder that makes him sleep for 18 hours a day. It also sheds light on human egg-trafficking in an action-packed entertainer.

"Why is the audience not responding to good films? It is not just my film I am talking about. Gentleman has been appreciated by everyone who has watched it. But where are the audiences in the theatres? As a producer who is trying to make films based on quality content, I am left frustrated," Guru Deshpande said.

Actor Sanchari Vijay, who plays a prominent role in Gentleman, also expressed his pain by going live on Facebook.

"It makes me sad to see the pain in Sanchari Vijay's voice. The same pain is being felt by every team member. The media and the audience are saying it is a good film. Then why are there not enough people going to the theatres? Is it a crime to make good films in Kannada," said Guru Deshpande.

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