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Meet Arjun Singh Rawat who battled bravely against every odds of life to achieve success

Published : Jul 3, 2019, 6:13 pm IST
Updated : Jul 3, 2019, 6:13 pm IST

One thing is common in all is to accomplish significant in life.

Arjun Singh Rawat.
 Arjun Singh Rawat.

India has seen many people in business who has come from small areas with nothing in hand, but one thing is common in all, it is to accomplish significant in life.

Arjun Singh Rawat is a renowned businessman, owner of News 1 India. There was a time when Arjun Singh Rawat had nothing in life; his life has been Roller coaster; he has seen lots of ups and down in his life.  


Born in the small town of UP, his father was a teacher in a Government school. The place where he was living was with zero facility. As he was growing, Arjun Singh Rawat felt if he stays in his town for long, he will never achieve anything in life, and he has to live the life which will give him nothing in his life.

So he moved to Maharashtra to complete his studies, after completing his B-tech he again came back for his town to do something good for his place. He joins civil engineering brought some basic things by taking the loan.

As we say a person who dares and try new things never fails in life, after all, his struggle he got his first government project that too was of his town to build a bridge which can connect to other cities. It was not only his first project, but it was his dream to do something for his place where people can come out and see what life outside town is. After lots of obstacles, he completed that project successfully, and he gave the first bridge to his village, which connects to the city, it was an indispensable achievement at that time.


Dreamer needs once chance to prove himself, a person who got rejected many a time in his life, after all his struggle he succeeds to complete first tough project and there was no looking back for him. Right now he comes in top businessman list in North India. He has built his reputation with his hard work and skills.

Currently, His company is managing many good projects of Infrastructure in North India; he is also holding a news channel company called "News 1 India".

Other than his work, he also does many social activities, and he feels every entrepreneur and businessperson must give something back to society.

Indeed Arjun Singh Rawat is an inspiration for many; his life teaches you many things like belief in yourself, work hard, never give up in life and always dream big to achieve big in life.


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