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In inspiring Kirron Kher-acter

Published : Aug 31, 2017, 1:08 am IST
Updated : Aug 31, 2017, 1:08 am IST

A heart-to-heart with actor and BJP MP Kirron Kher who has successfully straddled many worlds.

Kirron Kher
 Kirron Kher

It’s hard to compartmentalise Kirron Kher into one specific category. She is an actress, a BJP MP, a TV show judge, a wife and a mother and is fiercely committed to each of these roles. She is also someone who is extremely articulate, and self confessedly opinionated. “Both Anupam and I are outspoken people. We have never subscribed to the view of being politically correct. In fact, we have expressed ourselves when it was politically wrong to do so,” says the friendly lady in a telephonic chat from Chandigrah, where she is committed to fulfilling her responsibilities as a Lok Sabha member to the Lower House of Parliament in Chandigarh.

“The general perception is that while movie stars win elections, they are not really committed to their constituencies. I didn’t want to be like that. I have moved here and keep shuttling between Delhi (where I attend parliament meetings) and Chandigarh. I haven’t gone back to Mumbai since last July. It does get lonely here, although I have my sister, who lives in the same city. I miss the daily conversations and sharing those special moments. You can’t really do that in a phone call conversation,” she confesses.

Kirron though like a true blue performer, believes that the show must go on. “Both Anupam and I believe in this adage. It is tough for me living on my own, but there is so much to do, public meetings, interacting with people, travelling to Delhi and maintaining three houses, between Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai. Sometimes I do go crazy but once I’ve taken on a commitment, there is no turning back,” she admits.

Kirron has consciously cut herself off from the day-to-day management of her Mumbai home. “It was getting too much as the staff would constantly call me for every little issue, now I have told them to check with Anupam or my son Sikander. But they still call me up every now and then,” she says with amusement. 

 You look at Kirron and wonder where does this feisty 62-year-old derive so much energy from? She attributes it to this wonderful word: Joie De Vivre. “I have always been filled with positive energy. Doing a show like India’s Got Talent has got me so excited by new talent. There are so many people longing for a platform to showcase their skills, regardless of age and it’s admirable,” says Kirron who grew up in a very liberal Army family and travelled across India by train when her father was posted to different locations. There is so much of beauty in our country. During my train journeys, I discovered the evocative beauty of India and it filled me with happiness,” she recollects.

Kirron’s parents have been a strong influence and while it was the norm for women from her Jat Sikh background to opt for the IFS, Kirron was encouraged to graduate in theatre from Panjab University. “There used to be a defence theatre in our cantonment, and I remember watching fabulous world cinema, I grew up in an environment where my parents exposed us to the classical music of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia and Amjad Ali Khan and we grew up respecting all cultures,” she says.

She is well-known for her acting prowess but has consciously stayed away from signing any new films. “I have refused them as they are time consuming and I can’t stay away from my constituency for that long.” It is that clear sense of commitment that is her most admirable trait. More power to her.

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