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Sajid learns a lesson

Published : Mar 31, 2018, 12:42 am IST
Updated : Mar 31, 2018, 12:42 am IST

Moving on, Sajid discussed how social media is more negative than positive.

Sajid Khan
 Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan has always had a lot to say during interviews. When we recently met him, he seemed very excited about coming back to films after a short gap. While he opened up about several things, he chose to keep mum about others — unlike his chirpy usual self, Sajid was more reserved than usual.

During one of the many interviews with this writer, Sajid had shared one of his regrets. “I regret having fought with Sajid Nadiadwala. But now that we are back to being friends and working together, we joke about the past. We believe that in our 17 years of friendship, two years of enmity is permitted. We did not talk for almost two years but we are back now. We have patched up and there’s no more dushmani,” he said.


Khan’s association with Nadiadwala goes a long way back. After working together on the first and second instalments of he Housefull franchise, the duo took a break following their disagreements.

Those two years were a learning period for Khan. “I have always been an outspoken person — I would never hesitate to tell any individual’s folly to his face. However, this time around, Sajid Nadiadwala has given me lessons on how to control what I speak — no matter the situation. Even when I may be itching to say what is on my mind, he has told me, “Koi kuch galat bolta hai toh tujhe kya karna hota hai ….tu tera muh band rakh kar aage badh (If someone is doing something wrong, how does it matter to you? You need to keep your mouth shut and go ahead with you work.) And since I’m paying heed to his (Nadiadwala’s) advice, I have been very happy!”


Moving on, Sajid discussed how social media is more negative than positive. “Everything on the social media that garners the eyeballs is all negative — I just do not like negativity. It is great that we are experiencing a technically upgraded era, but I would like to differ here — we are losing the essence of an individual touch. Everyone likes to update everything on their social media, but are forgetting more personal connections,” he says.

The director also shares how he is not a fan of mobile phones. “I have noticed that people are often very engrossed in their phones — even when I’m meeting them through an appointment. This takes away precious few minutes of our discussion,” he rues.


Sajid has been tying to lose his weigh, and as successful as he has been, he opens up about the difficulties. “I am really happy that I have lost oodles of weight. It was indeed very difficult to eat in ounces. For the first few days, I found it difficult to cope up with the doctor’s advice, specifically changing my eating habits. However, slowly and gradually, I adapted to my daily routine, and started maintaining a proper diet and an exercise routine. During the course of maintaining my weight issues, I realised how important it is to love yourself and eat on time,” he says.

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