Kedarnath teaser: Did Sushant and Sara leave these hints from the movie?

Starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan, the interesting teaser of this film has just released.

After a long wait, Abhishek Kapoor is now all set to bring his story of ‘Kedarnath’ to the world. Starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan, the teaser of this film has just released and it is quite an interesting journey to be honest.

Apart from the obvious (exploring the story of Kedarnath floods), it leaves some hints about what one can expect from this movie. Here are a few things we noticed:

- Lots of bloodshed and struggles

In the flooded water, Sushant Singh Rajput struggles his way to get to his love Sara Ali Khan. Amidst this, we see small splashes of red, which might be an indication that the movie will involve a lot of bloodshed, which is what would happen when people die due to the floods.

- Warrior spirit

Moving ahead, Sushant displays warrior spirit throughout the teaser. He stands tall, even literally in one scene, not giving up without a fight.

- Sushant is Sara’s biggest support

He is also Bollywood debutante Sara Ali Khan’s biggest support as from what the teaser depicts, she can always fall back on him and be ensured that she will remain safe.

- Sacrifice

The teaser also has a scene where Sara’s father pushes her into the deep waters, which can be denoted as a sacrifice. It is also a powerful scene as it shows that being a woman, she might be suppressed, but understanding her circumstances, it does look like the actress will find her way up. That would be a strong sense of independence and womanhood along with making her ideal debut in Bollywood.

- The gatekeeper Nandi will work his way through it

The last scene of this teaser also is quite powerful and might have another meaning. It sees Sushant hold on to the Nandi, who is known as the gatekeeper and the vehicle of Lord Shiva. So, by holding on to Nandi, Abhishek might be trying to give away that in the end, Lord Shiva will save Sara and Sushant with the help of his vehicle i.e. Nandi.

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