I have understood value for love and home sharing my life with Bipasha, says Karan

In an exclusive interaction with The Asian Age, Karan answers all personal queries unhesitatingly.

Mumbai: Karan Singh Grover faced the media at length at the recent trailer launch of his film ‘3Dev’. Karan seemed to be in a jovial mood all the while as his film ‘3Dev’ will soon see the dawn. Karan’s last outing ‘Hate Story 3’ did quite good at the box office. Well! 30th April, 2016 Karan and Bipasha Basu tied the knot and until this day both Karan and Bips are enjoying blissful married life. Also Karan feels he has finally fund true love and a blessed home after getting married to Bipasha Basu.

In an exclusive interaction with The Asian Age, Karan answers all personal queries unhesitatingly.

Karan informs, “Yes, we have indeed completed two years of our marriage. We will be celebrating our anniversary this year, in the scenic locales of Goa.”

Elaborating about their journey (married life) he quips, “Our journey has changed both our lives. I have indeed understood the value for love and home ....specifically has become evident to me, after sharing my life with Bipasha. More important in our life is the encouragement we received and are still getting it in loads has enabled both of us to be ale to live happily every day. I do pray to the almighty God that life must go on this way.”

Also giving away the mantra of rekindling their love in a fresh manner to keep their bonding going strong he says, “Fortunately for us it’s not an effort put in. Undeniably, it happens on its own. When you find true love, you don’t take your partner for granted. There should never a feeling of separation even while we are working professionally. Keeping ourselves close we always support each other. I support Bipasha in whatever she wants to do and vice versa. Supporting her gives her loads of strength as well her support too keeps me going in whatever I wish to do. We always try to show interest in each others work front.”

Karan says, “Bipasha likes my following qualities-I am very simple and honest. While I love her most two important qualities- Bipasha is a beautiful soul and is grounded person.”

Karan has a favorite hobby surprisingly he is a great painter, “Yes, whenever I am not in front of the camera …..I love to paint. We interrupt and quiz you paint Bipasha... (laughs) Karan says, “No!....Right now I have pained three series..In the first series I do abstract paintings. I have completed three series- one in black and white which comprises of eight pieces. The other one is an arch angel or rainbow … it is associated with all seven colours of a rainbow. All these different colours represent something. The third one is a master science. It could be as ancient as it could be .It could be something new that may come in my head instantly though. I also write songs and sing them as well. Needless to say that whenever I am not in front of the cameras I do not miss it…but enjoy my hobbies…painting, singing and lyrics writing.”

On choosing his film ‘3Dev’ he confirms, “The gist of the story and my character motivated me to agree to be a part of this flick the story speaks everyone’s perception and what actually comes about in reality during our life time. The way this intriguing tale has been presented not in a very serious manner though, will allure the audiences. The small incidents that we go through this life will touch the emotions of one and all. I too was moved by those incidents and became a part of this film.”

So the idea of God has not changed for Karan, “My idea and belief in God is simple and straight forward. There is only one God just the same that I had from the beginning of my life. People may call him with different names.”

Last but the least Karan boldly confirms, “We are not planning about kids presently….”

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