Angad Bedi is a happy father

The 36-year-old shares that family is of utmost importance to him.

Angad Bedi is relatively new to fatherhood, but the actor is already head over heels in love with his daughter Mehr.

“The first thing that Neha (Dhupia) and I converse about is not work, but about when will we be able to give time to our daughter. Being a first-time father, I feel the entire scenario has changed. All the insecurity that we may be having regarding our work stops to quite an extent. We always chase trivial matters like being too individualistic or driven in life, and appearances would be of utmost importance too. But, I swear, after marriage, and especially after becoming a father, I just want to reach home and get that hug from my daughter,” the Inside Edge actor smiles.

The 36-year-old shares that family is of utmost importance to him. “I remember my dad (Bishan Singh Bedi) has always been like my guru. I have realised the importance of the ethical values that I learnt from him. For me, it’s important to be a good father to my daughter; I have to pass all those values on to her. When your child gets up in the morning and looks at you with a smile and you take her in your arms, you get maximum satisfaction. This satisfaction cannot be compared to the bank balance that you may have to your credit,” he asserts.

Angad adds that his grandparents played a key role in his upbringing as well. He recalls: “I now remember all the teachings of Guru Nanak ji that my grandmother narrated to me during my childhood days. The love and affection of your grandparents is very different in comparison to your parents. So today, we make it a point to go to Delhi and live with our parents because their love for my daughter is very special to them and me. My parents also visit us frequently here in Mumbai to spend some precious time with us, and especially my daughter Mehr.”

Having a daughter has changed the actor’s perception about work as well. “I have now understood that whatever work I have to get will automatically come to me. Now I do not chase those trivial things that I chased before. One realizes all this only after becoming a parent. I am enjoying parenthood to the maximum,” Angad concludes.

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