IFFI promotes cinema and tourism: Ramesh Sippy

Among the crowds at the film festival were quite a few young aspiring writers and directors.

At a recent meeting, director-producer Ramesh Sippy stated that he was happy to note the presence of young people at IFFI 2018.

Among the crowds at the film festival were quite a few young aspiring writers and directors. “It feels great to see the young generation taking an interest in cinema, as this is a medium that brings about a change in society. Through storytelling, these young writers and directors will also bring about a change, as the films we make are based on stories that are inspired by real society. We, as filmmakers, showcase certain positive things that happen in society. And sometimes, the ugly and bad have also to be depicted in films. I hope these young writers bring in a new wave by writing good stories, as we need good, inspiring stories to be told on celluloid,” he shared.

With IFFI 2018 being celebrated in Goa, Sippy feels it is a great idea to have the festival organised at such a lush, scenic destination, as this helps people enjoy the creative fare surrounded by beaches and gardens, which is mentally invigorating. Sippy thinks of IFFI as a great way to network and connect with each other. He said, “This not only promotes the market but also helps film makers know more about the subsidies that the government provides them. While discussing things with each other, they also enrich their own knowledge.”

The filmmaker also talked about shooting at various locations in India. “This not only promotes tourism, but also helps the government of that state to earn, while the makers can make films at lower rates,” he pointed out. Ramesh felt that Goa was the friendliest state and “the film bazaar being organised here brings in loads of positivity for cinema lovers. This will not only promote cinema but also benefit our country nationally and internationally.”

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