Shatrughan Sinha's a proud father

Shatrughan Sinha doesn't watch all of his daughter's films. But he did see Noor and can't stop raving about her performance.

Shatrughan Sinha doesn’t watch all of his daughter’s films. But he did see Noor and can’t stop raving about her performance.

“I speak not as a father but a co-artiste. She has proved that she can do things I never could. I can happily say Sonakshi Sinha has managed to make a very difficult part look easy. It’s not easy to play someone so sloppy and so full of herself,” admits Shatruji, confessing he watched his daughter’s performance nervously.

“As I watched her performance I though she would slip up and stumble. But Sonakshi kept the character going on an even graph, even when the character was making one mistake after another. I applaud Sonakshi’s performance because as an actor, I know how difficult her role is,” says the proud father.

Does he see a growth in her performance? “Oh yes! To bring so much dignity into the role of such a clumsy character is not easy. I think this is Sonakshi’s best performance since Lootera. I had been bowled over by my daughter in Lootera.”

It was Salman who had predicted Sonakshi’s stardom.

Says Shatruji, “During Dabangg Salman had said Sonakshi will be such a big star that every girl in the audience would want to be like her. Now in Noor she plays such an aspirational character. She portrays the uncertainties of a young city girl trying to find her bearings with such sensitivity. Every working girl would identify with her.”

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