Nagma in denial

Despite growing speculation that Julie 2 is based on her life story, actress Nagma denies any knowledge of the same.

Although the filmmakers of Julie 2 are reluctant to reveal the name of the actress on whom the film is based, their references — that the actress in question made her debut in a Hindi film co-starring a superstar Khan, that she had a much talked about affair with a married Tamil superstar, after which she moved to the Bhojpuri industry — point very closely to actress Nagma.

However, when contacted, the actress said that she was clueless about the development. “Oh, is it? This is news to me,” she expressed surprise, adding, “I have no knowledge about it and was not informed about it earlier. I am listening to it for the first time. Maybe the film Padmavati is garnering all the hype and the makers of Julie 2 need some publicity, which is why they might have hinted on such a development.” She added, “At this point of time, I cannot speak about it and it’ll be unfair because the film hasn’t released yet. Normally, I do catch up on films, but this interesting development will make me watch the film for sure. I will only talk after the release.”


The actress, who was last seen in Allari Ramudu (2002), says that she would love to stage a comeback if given substantial roles.

“I would love to make a comeback and I have been getting several offers. But I feel the roles are not substantial and worthy of staging a comeback. Also, since I am busy in politics, I need to figure out my time too,” she says.

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