Pooja Batra not keen on tying the knot

The actress is thrilled about the comeback.

Pooja Batra marked her onscreen presence in the ’90s with the hit Virasat. Decades later, the actress will be facing the arc lights yet again with two films, an investigative thriller, Mirror Game, and a Hollywood movie, One Under the Sun.

The actress is thrilled about the comeback. She says, “Facing the camera does make me happy. I have been doing films on and off actually. I believe I am still lucky to get offers. There are so many actors in the industry now, and some have even disappeared. If I keep getting movies with good roles, I will certainly opt for them.”

On the personal front, Pooja reveals that she is isn’t looking to settle down with her European boyfriend any time soon. She says, “I am not keen on marriage simply because I am independent. I have my own business to sustain. I am self-sufficient financially, so I wouldn’t want to marry right now.”

The actress is however tight-lipped when we ask her if she is living in with her boyfriend. “I am not comfortable answering this,” she states. However, after a few brief moments, Pooja shoots back, saying, “It’s like asking if you are married…do you have sex with your husband every night? If not, then how many times in a week do you have sex?”

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