Parineeti turns into a curator

The actress took to Instat o share her mother's artwork

The lockdown has celebrities looking to make the most out of their time.

And keeping up with it, Parineeti Chopra has become a curator for her mother Reena Chopra’s painting. The Jabariya Jodi actress took to her Instagram account to showcase a few of her mother’s works.

“My mom is not a professional artist. She just loves to paint because it gives her happiness. Everything she makes is straight from the heart. She does not have a big studio or some huge production setup. She has put a small chair and table in my old bedroom and works from there. Whenever she gets free from cooking or running the house, she goes upstairs and starts drawing. It is our family’s dream that she does this professionally one day!! (sic),” the actress opened up about her amateur mother’s talent.

Adding further, Parineeti said that she’s willing to sell the paintings. And soon, her contemporary and fellow actress Sonam Kapoor, in a heartfelt gesture, bought one of the paintings.

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