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‘Phi’ for perfection

Published : Dec 19, 2018, 12:07 am IST
Updated : Dec 19, 2018, 12:07 am IST

An expert’s opinion on this new phenomenon, and how it works on the dimensions of one’s face.

A picture of Amy Adams used for representational purpose only.
 A picture of Amy Adams used for representational purpose only.

Symmetry is the name of this latest trend. Most faces are called beautiful or handsome when they are symmetrical and proportionate. Mathematics and its deep association with facial beauty has played an important role in defining and refining facial beauty. Everybody wants a face as perfect as Amy Adams or Tom Cruise and the Phi Phenomenon might be your solution.

The Phi is present in many things around the world such as seashells, hurricanes, flower petals, and human faces. Faces that follow the golden ratio are believed to be more attractive. There are many phi elements in the human face. Variations in various facial features such as eyes, lips, nose etc. gives rise to the distinctive appearance of each face and provides the endless variation of beauty that is unique and ideal to each individual.

The golden ratio of the face can be measured by the following proportions:
w Maximum length of the face: maximum width of the face
w Width of the eye: width of iris
w Outer edges of lips: upper ridges of the lip and many other internal proportions.

Even you can measure the golden ratio of your entire face and various parts of it, using a simple scale or any of the online tools available.

Juvederm dermal fillers and the golden ratio The golden ratio can be used to explore and get a deeper understanding of our perceptions of beauty. Plastic surgeons use the Phi ratio to analyse the facial features and use the golden ratio to help accent your features with the use of simple non-surgical options such as Juvederm Dermal fillers.

Thus, mathematics can aid to make your face predicably more beautiful or handsome. Once a surgeon measures your face, fillers can be used to change the proportions and make your face more symmetrical, proportionate and therefore better looking.

Fillers can be injected at the ‘right places’ to give the face the best approach to the golden ratio proportions.

What is Juvederm and how does it work?

Juvederm is hyaluronic acid based filler that is used to get rid of signs of ageing from the face. Only an expert surgeon should give the filler injections. Results of Juvederm fillers can last for up to two years.

Expert plastic surgeons will analyse your face with the reference to the phi constant and then use a marker to mark the points on the face that need the fillers to achieve the prefect ratio.  

There is no downtime to the process and the results are visible immediately. A session can take up to 60 minutes. There can be some minor amount of redness, swelling, itching and tenderness in the site of the injection but it will subsidise in a few days.  

Juvederm dermal fillers are non-invasive options that can be used to mirror the perfect golden ratio for the various parts of the face and give instant results, which can truly transform your face.

Many people think filler injections and cosmetic surgery are simple. They are simple, provided we know enough and use that knowledge to transform!

– The writer is a cosmetic surgeon.  Disclaimer: Always check with a specialist before going ahead with this procedure.

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