Honesty is not the best policy for Patralekha

Despite a critically acclaimed debut in the 2014 film CityLights, actress Patralekha's identity still remains 'Rajkummar Rao's girlfriend'.

Despite a critically acclaimed debut in the 2014 film CityLights, actress Patralekha’s identity still remains ‘Rajkummar Rao’s girlfriend’. She is, nevertheless, still hopeful of receiving her due some day. “I don’t think I have not received my due. I just feel that I have to get that one role that will launch me into the stratosphere. I am positive I will get it one day,” she says, smiling, and adds, “Breaks wapas sabke jeevan mein aata hi hai [everyone gets a few breaks in life].”

She goes on to say, “My introduction to the city was when I had come here to study. In my subconscious, I had always wanted to act. I got my first film, CityLights, and was delighted by the response it got. I made friends with Rajkummar on the sets of the film and we have remained friends since.”

She further adds, “I have no other friends in Bollywood. But, I do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call a director/producer to ask if there is a role for me in their films.”

So, is Patralekha losing work because she is close to Rajkummar? “That’s absurd. Raj is getting good work, right? If people are not giving me work because of my proximity to Raj, then I would much rather stay away from such people. Mein apna kaam bana lungi. [I will get good work somehow]. I will be working even after I get married. In fact, I will work till I turn 50,” she says. “If a girl is friends with someone and is open about it and people consider it a problem, then all I can say is honesty is not the best policy.”

Lastly, on both their films clashing at the box office, she says, “I wish both Nanu Ki Jaanu and Raj’s Omerta do well. We will celebrate together then,” she signs off.

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