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I am obsessed with my mother-in-law, says Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

Published : Jun 14, 2018, 12:32 am IST
Updated : Jun 14, 2018, 12:32 am IST

The newly wed actress gets candid about married life, her in-laws and pay disparity in bollywood.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja
 Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

While the actress is known for being guarded about her personal life, she doesn’t shy away from talking about issues that are close to her heart. As Sonam Kapoor Ahuja chats about her in-laws, trending mangalsutra, pay disparity and more, we get a glimpse of her candour.

Did Anand have to model his lifestyle according to your work schedule?

We both have to manage. If it was a man who was working and the girl had to travel because of his work, we would accept it without any questions. I think we both respect each other’s work, we respect each other’s space and we are partners in a true sense. For me, nobody is more important than Anand and for him, nobody is more important than me. We have that mutual respect for each other.

You have spoken openly about pay disparity in Bollywood. Can you shed some light on the issue?

There are times when there is no choice because it’s a business at the end of the day. Alia Bhatt has opened a film like Raazi to 8 crores and that should be her price. So, if I am opening a film to 4 crores, that should be my price. However, I cannot expect to be paid as much a Salman Khan. But I can expect to be paid as much as Sidharth Malhotra or Ayushmann, who is as big a star as me. If they are not going to give me what I deserve, then I am just not doing the film.

There is pay disparity because women are cutting each other. If you decide to not do a film because you are not getting paid enough, some other woman comes along and says, ‘okay, I will do this job.’

You had said that you would like to direct a film someday. Are there any projects in the pipeline?

I have a couple of stories I have written for Swara and she is my best friend. I interact with her so much that it becomes easy for me to see her in a lot of things.  I would also love to work with Alia, but now, she is too big a star to work with me. I would love to work with Varun too. There are so many actors and actresses who are so talented.

Would you like to work on a female-centric film?

I like to have the perspective of a strong woman. My stories in my head are always about women. We have more layers than men will ever have because we are mothers, wives …The best writers in the world are women. Our voices should be heard because we have so much to say and that’s what I think.

Tell us about Anand’s family?

They are Sindhi’s and they are very private about their lives. He comes from a business family. I don’t want to discuss them much. They are lovely people. I am obsessed with my mother-in-law and get along well with her and my family. But, since they are not in the film industry, let’s not talk much about them.

I have been dating Anand for so long that even though I like saying he is my husband, I am used to calling him my boyfriend. It’s fun being married.

Your mangalsutra made headlines…

I like wearing it. It’s also for nazar. People don’t understand these things. I enjoy wearing it and am a little filmy like that. 

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