Vikas Bahl is the right man to make my biopic, says Anand Kumar

Anurag Kashyap's supervising post-production of Super 30 against the wishes of Biopic's real hero Anand Kumar.

After the film Super 30’s de facto director Vikas Bahl was allegedly sacked from the project due to an allegation of sexual conduct, Anurag Kashyap was brought on board to oversee the post-production of the biopic. It seems like these developments happened without keeping the mathematician genius Anand Kumar, upon whom the film is based, in the loop. And, Anand is unconvinced.

Speaking exclusively to this writer, Anand says, “I knew nothing about Anurag Kashyap’s involvement with the project except what I’ve read. And, I’m shocked to know that Mr Kashyap has been brought into the project without my knowledge when our contract clearly states that no decision about the project can be taken without my consent.”

When informed that the decision to rope in Kashyap at the eleventh hour was taken by the film’s co-producers Reliance Entertainment, Anand retorted, “Well, then Reliance should have the courtesy to inform me. Not that I would accept their decision (to bring Kashyap into the project). As far as I’m concerned, Vikas Bahl is the film’s director. Do you have any idea how hard he has worked on this film? He has slogged day and night. He has repeatedly visited my native village Deodah (Bihar) to gather information about me.”

Recalling an incident during one of Vikas’ visit to Deodah. Anand says, “Vikas met a 30-year man whose leg was destroyed by polio. Vikas spoke to the man, asked him about his condition and we left. I had forgotten about the incident when one day I got a call from Vikas saying he had purchased a mobility facility for that polio-stricken man and how to reach it to him…Vikas understands the poverty I came from. He is the right man to make a film about me.”

Further lashing out at the #MeToo allegations against Bahl, Anand Kumar says, “If he has done wrong, of course, he must be punished. But, why are you punishing him without any proof? Let the law decide if Vikas is guilty. In the meanwhile, why are you taking away his hard work from him? As far as I am concerned Vikas Bahl has made the film about me. I do not acknowledge anyone else.”

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