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  Entertainment   Bollywood  13 Sep 2019  Confidence is style in itself, says fashion blogger Rinku Chatlani

Confidence is style in itself, says fashion blogger Rinku Chatlani

Published : Sep 13, 2019, 1:02 pm IST
Updated : Sep 13, 2019, 1:02 pm IST

Today, she’s a well known name in the industry with her strong sense of fashion.

Rinku Chatlani.
 Rinku Chatlani.

Being an Influencer, you have to go with absolute confidence. Confidence that you will inspire, confidence that you can make it big, confidence that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

An ex-finance girl, the journey for Rinku Chatlani hasn’t been a cake walk. She expresses how everyone outside the industry feels that as a blogger she lives the perfect life, while that’s actually not true. “It requires a lot of planning, ideation and hard work to create the content that we put out” she adds.

Rinku worked for one of the world’s best investment banking firm for about 2 years before she decided to follow her passion. She also studied digital marketing which is initially how she got introduced to blogging and that you can make a career out of it.

Rinku has taken Instagram by storm with her fashion sense. Within a span of 3 years, Rinku carved a niche for herself in the Fashion and beauty industry. As of today, she has worked with over 500 brands most of which are very popular brands.

She started her journey on YouTube but shortly moved on to focus on her blog and Instagram. She doesn't feel the need to embrace all trends, and is not afraid to pull off powerful statement pieces. She feels that it’s important to try everything and see what works for you and what you’re most happy doing.

It’s very important for people to relate to the content that is a blogger is putting out which is why you will only see wearable and relatable outfits on her profile. Her style is something that everyone would prefer wearing in their everyday life and that’s her X-factor.

She finds herself lucky to have gotten many opportunities through her journey as a blogger. Walking the ramp for Prasad Bidappa, being featured on TV, talking at panel discussions, judging fashion shows, hosting styling sessions are few that she names.

Today, she’s a well known name in the industry with her strong sense of fashion. She has inspired and continues to inspire many girls out there in the Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel space. She is the perfect definition of how the youth can achieve anything they put their mind and hard work to. She has covered India and we can’t wait to see her make a name at an international level.

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