'My tweet was not to communalise saree': Raveena Tandon apologises after getting trolled

The actress had to clear the air and apologise after her tweet about 'saree' got trolled on social media.

Mumbai: Actress Raveena Tandon recently sparked a Twitter controversy with her post on "saree" where she targeted trolls, who labelled her as "bhakt".

"A saree day... Will I be termed communal, Sanghi, bhakt, hindutva icon? If I say I love wearing the saree and I think it's the most elegant. (sic)" the actress wrote.

Soon after her tweet, Raveena, 42, was trolled on the micro-blogging site for "communalising saree".

A Twitter user posted, "Are you trying for a comeback in movie? Or trying to get a Sanghi seat in 2019? (sic)."

Raveena, however, later issued a clarification, saying her intention was not to give a communal colour to the attire.

"Saree is a beautiful Elegant Indian Garment. My Tweet was NOT to communalise Saree. Was my fear of being trolled to say I love anything Indian.

"If it has come across as anything else. I apologise. That was not the intention. Had not thought that it would be misunderstood the way it has," she wrote.

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