Neha Dhupia is a happy mama

Amidst the pressures of being a mom, Neha often carves time for herself.

Neha Dhupia is neck-deep in the eternal bliss of motherhood and married life. The actress, who surprised everyone on social media with the news of her marriage to Angad Bedi, says married life has been treating her well.

“Marriage has been amazing. It can’t be said we have a ‘blissful married life’ because it is not so every day. It’s been one and a half years, and we do have our share of differences, but having a lovely daughter and a sorted husband has been wonderful,” she gushes.

As for why she kept her marriage under wraps, Neha reveals: “We did not want to make a big deal about our wedding; it was our prerogative to celebrate it within our family. We felt there was no need to have so much extravagance. Angad and my families were on the same page, we only wanted to go to the gurudwara and have an Ardas (prayers). I feel, sometimes, some people are left unhappy during marriage celebrations since it’s a huge thing. We didn’t want this to happen.”

When it comes to her daughter Mehr, the 39-year-old shares that she and Angad play different roles. “I am driving Mehr to her playdate, then Angad is busy changing diapers. Usually, we fix things as they come, but we work around our work schedules as well. We are in the same profession so there isn’t much conflict,” she shares.

“I look at it as love. When Mehr, my mother and I have a group hug, that’s the most precious moment for me. This is the moment when my heart pops out for my mom, who took time to braid my hair, and more. She is responsible for making me the person I am today. But all of this had gone unnoticed until now,” Neha smiles.

Amidst the pressures of being a mom, Neha often carves time for herself. “It has been amazing to wake early in the morning while my husband and daughter are still fast asleep. I sit, thinking that this is the best thing that has happened to me. I don’t like to talk much about the good things that are happening to me right now, because I am a big believer in keeping things wrapped up. If things are going great, then hold on to them,” she explains.

Meanwhile on the work front, she is busy hosting and producing the fourth season of her podcast #NoFliterNeha.

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