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  Entertainment   Bollywood  11 Sep 2019  Geetika Tyagi reacts on Aamir Khan's decision of working with #MeToo accused Subhash Kapoor

Geetika Tyagi reacts on Aamir Khan's decision of working with #MeToo accused Subhash Kapoor

Published : Sep 11, 2019, 12:02 pm IST
Updated : Sep 11, 2019, 12:02 pm IST

Aamir Khan's Mogul is the biopic of late devotional singer Gulshan Kumar.

Geetika Tyagi, Aamir Khan and Subhash Kapoor. (Photo: Instagram)
 Geetika Tyagi, Aamir Khan and Subhash Kapoor. (Photo: Instagram)

Mumbai: On Tuesday, Aamir Khan surprised as well as shocked everyone when he decided to work with MeToo accused Subhash Kapoor's next, Mogul. Reportedly, TV actor Geetika Tyagi had accused filmmaker Subhash Kapoor of doing sexual misconduct in 2014.

After Subhash Kapoor's name came under MeToo movement, Aamir Khan had quickly stepped out of his film, Mogul and preferred not to work with the alleged sexual harasser. However, Aamir's decision has indeed hurt Geetika Tyagi as she expressed her disappointment in an interview with Mid Day.

In an interview with the tabloid, "I had commended Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan [last year] because it gave hope to more women to speak up about their own stories. But I had never asked for it from them. Now that Subhash has been hired back, it's not like someone [from their end] reached out to me. It would have been a fair game had they considered both sides of the story."

She added, "The industry is patriarchal. Only women face the repercussions of complaining against sexual harassment, whether in the workplace or otherwise. They are ostracised when they complain. It's a sensitive decision on Aamir's part that Subhash shouldn't be treated badly until proven guilty. But what about my livelihood that has stopped since 2014? Criminal cases take time [to be served justice]and that's a reality."

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Speaking about Jolly LLB director, Aamir Khan stated, "what my heart says is right." "I spoke with his female colleagues who spoke highly of him," he added.

Mentioning about the superstar's decision, Geeta added, "Aamir re-hiring him doesn't affect my case, which is subjudice. I did everything by the book — went to the cops, filed charges, went to the lawyers. I believe in my fight, the system and I have my evidence."

Apart from Geetika, the flag bearer of #MeToo movement in India, Tanushree Dutta also slammed Aamir for his decision. She said, "I read through the whole paragraph that Aamir Khan wrote, "justifying why he was associating himself with Subhash Kapoor. I want to ask one question... How come nobody in Bollywood has sleepless nights when a girl becomes a victim of harassment and is ostracised from the industry?"

"There seems to be so much compassion for the #MeToo accused floating around but none for the alleged victims. Having sailed in the same boat myself, I know that nobody bothered to even ask me how I was doing when being an actor, my primary livelihood was snatched away after the Horn Ok Please harassment episode. I was a talented screen actor. But nobody wrote letters, requesting bigwigs to work with me and help me resurrect my career and help me heal from the trauma, insult and humiliation that I endured. No compassion for me, Aamir?”, she added.

Meanwhile, Aamir Khan's Mogul is the biopic of late devotional singer Gulshan Kumar.

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