Mother's Day 2019: Divya Dutta has this to say about motherhood in her emotional note

She also shared a heart-warming bond with a 3-year-old nephew.

Mumbai: Motherhood is one word that evokes a range of emotions. Everyone has fond memories of their mothers, and all mothers share an intangible – lifelong bond with their children. However, on this Mothers Day, actress Divya Dutta penned a note on how feeling and bonds of motherhood transcend beyond just mother-child and how the feeling is universal. She also shared a heart-warming of her bond with a 3-year-old nephew.

Here's the note:

“Of late bonding a lot with my 3-year-old nephew. Such a lovely age to know a child and his little world, the world of innocence, something we all become strangers to as the world grows us up to its harsh realities. This is a world of fairy tales, superheroes, Santa Claus, this is the imaginary world they create, and you enact a part in it. These days I am becoming his partner in the world of Avengers, and it’s a stark contrast for me. Coming after a shoot or a meeting where I am taken so seriously to a world where I become a 3-year-old myself to give company to the little one, having the imaginary sword fights and role-playing various superheroes for him, I somewhere am enjoying his little world. Yesterday I took him for a swim and being the friendly boy that he is, he went up and befriended a slightly older Korean boy swimming there too. He was accompanied by his father. The most beautiful thing was to see the two boys communicate with each other in spite of not understanding each other’s language. My nephew was a little scared of water but his Korean friend took him up the slide and both of them jumped into the pool, with me all set to catch both of them lest they fall!!

In no time the three of us were playing in the pool, chatting in gestures, splashing water, sliding and yes, being superheroes. It was pure joy, guess all the maternal instincts and the kid instincts somewhere struck a beautiful balance. Couldn’t decide if I was a child with them or being a protective parent, the guess was a mix of both.

My ladoos

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The Korean child’s father called out to him and it was time for him to leave, the child said bye to me and my nephew and left the pool. We both started playing again but I heard a voice call out!! I turned to see it was the little boy again! He had a big green leaf in his hand which he probably had plucked from a nearby tree. He came close to me and gestured saying it was for me, he gave me a little hug and ran away. I was wondering what happened when my little one came and hugged me too. “Bui”, he said in his baby voice” I lovveeee you”... emphasising it.

A smile came on my face and a sense of feeling so beautiful inside. There was a dialogue in a play I had done with Om Puri which said, “You don’t really have to be a mother to know how it feels to be one” how true it seemed now. Just spread the love and it comes back, multifold from these little ones and their beautiful world of innocence. The most joyous feeling when he pats my head with his little hands saying “Soja Bui”.... the same completeness that I felt when my ma patted my head with the same expression. Life’s come a full circle, with all the love intact. Here’s to unconditional love, here’s to all moms, here’s to all women who have a mother in them Here’s to my little ones and yes here’s to my most favourite person in the whole world, my mom... happy Mother’s Day... today and every day.”

On the work front, Divya will next be seen in films like 'Teacher', '706' and 'Nastik'.

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