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My family saw happiness in my eyes when I got Race 3: Bobby Deol

Published : Jun 9, 2018, 1:46 pm IST
Updated : Jun 9, 2018, 1:46 pm IST

Bobby Deol humbly answers all the queries in a brief rendezvous with us. Read our exclusive interview with the 'Race 3' star.

Bobby Deol in a photoshoot.
 Bobby Deol in a photoshoot.

Film 'Race 3' can be termed as a comeback film for Bobby Deol. One of the humblest family – The Deols have never been dragged into any controversies. Bobby does realise his mistakes, laziness and now is all set to work hard to keep working in his second innings.

 How much has life changed for you after Race?

I was prepared to work and from the last two to 3 years I have been working hard on myself to remain fit. I have done very few films but more and more people will see me before. This is the first film were everybody was in the gym before shoot and after shoots. It's a film which needs us to be fit. Even the girls have done fantastic action in the film.  Salman never told us to be n the gym it has to come within you. It was fun. I and Saqib have known each other from our cricket days. I used to call him Munna but later on came to know that his pet name is not munna.  We went to the gym together. Youngsters have a lot of energy and he worked harder because I was fit and his senior. It was fun. Earlier I was training with Prashant. You have to work hard on yourself if you want to attract people and you get energy to work in your movie. Salman called me and said “Shirt utarega kya?"  I said haan Mamu. Ramesh Taurani said he didn't do it during Soldier and Naqab.  But I said I will do it this time. I started training with his trainer.

Do you feel shy?

I feel shy, I don't have the courage but now it's a must to go shirtless. So I trained with Salman's trainer.

Fitness runs in your family, your dad Dharmendra and brother Sunny Deol ?

 My dad is natural. He worked hard during his childhood. He cycled for 10 kms everyday.  His diet was good and he would also draw water from the well.  Bhaiya was also a sports freak. I was also into sports but I got diverted.  I realized that later. I knew that if I work hard my dad would feel happy; I decided I should do something about myself. They saw happiness in my eyes when I got Race 3.

How did your wife and son react during those days?

I have seen my papa’s ups and downs. You have to work hard to change the thought process. You feel upset because you are jobless. You have to feel positive.  I look up to my father and feel why I ignored that. My children look up to me.

Why do you call Salman Khan ‘Mamu’?

I call him Mamu. I know him since the day I was shooting for Barsaat and practicing stunts. Maine Pyar Kiya released in 1989 was a hit then.  I would do bike stunts and horse riding together with him. We started calling each other Mamu. You can be happy when you feel happy from inside and when you have worked you are your happiest.

Is Salman Khan a motivation?

Salman is a motivation himself. He has fire within him. I wonder why I stopped thinking like him. I realized I have as much fire in me I wonder why did I let it go.

You are a hit on Social media you are inspiration to many those in their 30's?

You have a realization and strength inside you. I speak from my heart. There were a lot of things I had to do. All these things made a difference to me. People kept asking me questions. They didn't know what was happening with me. I am not ashamed of what I did. I am not ashamed about it. You learn through your heart. .

You are the first male to talk about mental illness?

It's not mental illness. When you are sad you take to wrong things. What i did with alcohol was a depressant. I love alcohol but i was also a family man and a father.  You can't drown in it and you are responsible when you have a family and kids. They were growing up and noticing things.  My son’s teacher would come home for nine years and would ask me for a picture. One day when she was leaving I said, you want a picture with me so come. She was so happy and she said that I am happy you are working again. Such things make you realise that people love you and they look up to you.

In the Industry you have to have to work on others credit? Is it necessary?

During my time   the system was different. I had to get a lot of roles but I didn't and I realised a little late.  I refused a lot of film but everybody does.  Sometimes they are hits and sometimes they are flops. When i was not working I went and met a lot of people. My dad is so old and he works every day. I ignored that.  Sometimes you meet someone who becomes a catalyst. I was lazy didn't go on time and people said that I don't want to work. I can't talk against anyone.  If I say something people will  react and it will go on.

Now have you changed your thinking?

I want to work. I didn't enjoy interviews too. Yesterday I went for a dance show and there was a boy who was performing and he hurt his leg and he had to stand. I asked for a chair for him. They come from small tons and they work so hard.  It's amazing and inspiring.  It's a different thing that we are making such children perform.

Any films you regret not doing?

Those films did not run well. I never refused Imtiaz Ali's Jab We met. Imtiaz is a friend.

What is difference between Abbas Mustan and Remo D'souza?

I am doing Race 3 for the first time. Their working was different and they have done a lot of thrillers. Where as Remo D’Souza has a different style and he is very quiet.  I want to work with them again.

Your advice on  success and failure?

Never give up.  I should no let go of myself and be focused. When you lose focus it takes everything away from you.

What difference do you find from then and now while hooting films?

Make up vans have come. We travel in good cars. My dad used to sleep in studios as he was doing three to four films. Now we are doing just one film a year.

How did your father react to your change?

Papa and Sunny Bhiyya are happy to see the transformation.  They wanted to see me like this.  Salman looks upto my father and he looks upto Salman as a son and they are both similar in many ways

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