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Javed and I should’ve had an arranged marriage, says Shabana Azmi

Published : Mar 8, 2018, 12:06 am IST
Updated : Mar 8, 2018, 12:06 am IST

There is a lot of difference between uniformity and equality.

Shabana Azmi
 Shabana Azmi

Veteran Bollywood actor, Padma Shree awardee and activist Shabana Azmi needs little introduction. The five-time National award winning artiste is known to express her world views just the way she likes it. Ahead of Women’s Day, Shabana delivered a talk at an event in Bengaluru. The veteran actress gets candid about her personal life in a candid chat.

On empowerment: Women and men are different – I’m not saying better or worse. The difference needs to be celebrated. If empowered women behave exactly like men, then the world is not going to change. There is a lot of difference between uniformity and equality. You can be different but equal — that’s what we need to understand as women.

Filmmakers and their responsibility in bringing forth a neat ‘Item number’: It’s all in the intention of the creative artist. Is the creative artist trying to titillate or is he/she trying to express beauty? Because it is perfectly possible that you can find a nude very attractive and you can find a completely fully-clad person vulgar. It’s all in the intention. 

When people say, ‘Oh they have item numbers because they are celebrating sensuality’ – it is a welcome thing. You should celebrate sensuality. What you are overlooking is you are actually objectifying or commodifying the woman – under the pretence of celebrating her sensuality. The way the camera lingers over the woman’s body in fragmented bits. That’s what objectifies women. 

How the magic in her marriage remains – ‘ Javed and I should’ve had an arranged marriage’

“We have a common world view. Our is not just a marriage but a deep-rooted friendship. Apart from loving Javed, I like him very much. I think we aren’t impinging on the other’s identity and living vicariously through it. It makes an unfair demand on the relationship. If you have your own individual things to do, then the relationship will be healthier.

Javed’s father was member of the Congress party; so was mine. In fact, we had such common backgrounds that, we feel we should had an arranged marriage. We are so perfectly matched.

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