Watch: While Mumbai celebrates Kaala's release, Bengaluru tore Rajinikanth's poster

'Kaala' is expected to open with 15-20 crores and the movie has tough competition from Salman's 'Race 3'.

Rajinikanth fans in Chennai cheered with joy, bursting crackers and dancing to their hearts content (inside and outside the theatres). A large numbers of Rajinikanth’s fans, some wearing customised ‘Kaala’ t-shirts, gathered to watch the movie in Chennai's Rohini theatre for the first show of the movie which began at 4 am.

Back in Mumbai too, it was time for celebrations with the film’s release. Fans danced to the beat of drums, worshipped their idol, wore ‘Kaala’ tees or tattooed Rajini’s face on their chest and women clad in sarees made their way from temple directly to the theatre.

The police have been deputed at all theaters where Kaala is being released on Thursday.

The city police have made security arrangements to ensure smooth screening of Rajinikanth starrer ‘Kaala’ in Bengaluru after the High Court directed the state government to make way for its release in the state.

Yet, some groups have protested and torn Rajinikanth’s ‘Kaala’ poster outside theatres in Karnataka.

‘Kaala’ is expected to open with 15-20 crores due to lack of promotions and later, the movie has tough competition from Salman Khan’s ‘Race 3’.

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