Bollywood #MeToo going nowhere

The survivor seems to have become the victim of a circus that has come to protect the famous male star.

Bollywood’s #MeToo movement seems to have been stillborn. Brave Tansuhree’s allegations regarding sexual misconduct by the renowned actor Nana Patekar have not only been greeted by legal notices from Patekar as well as Vivek Agnihotri but she has also been threatened by a political party and slut shamed by many on the social media circuit, including film folk. The survivor seems to have become the victim of a circus that has come to protect the famous male star. Far from setting up a mechanism to investigate the allegations and find a way to settle the matter, there has only been a disappointingly aggressive male chauvinistic reaction. The actress is alluding to an event 10 years ago when her car was also attacked as she tried to leave the set on which the event was supposed to have taken place but they are not even looking into it.

Nana PatekarNana Patekar

Contrast this with what happened in Hollywood in the year since allegations of harassment and sexual assaults were made against the movie mogul Harvey Weinstein who lost his job, his wife and much else besides. Hollywood is reported to have made a number of changes after more powerful figures were ousted. They have established hotlines for survivors of sexual attacks to register their complaints and also revised their handbooks of rules of conduct. There has been a huge cultural change with sexism banished from movie sets and offices and in the industry itself. But then India is still very much a man’s world and all judgments on gender equality may mean very little if male objectors are allowed to have their way.

Farhan Akhtar @FarOutAkhtar
This thread is very telling. @janiceseq85 was there at the time of the incident being debated today. Even when #TanushreeDutta had career concerns to keep quiet 10 years ago she did not & her story hasn't changed now. Her courage should be admired, not her intention questioned.

TheRichaChadha @RichaChadha
It hurts to be #TanushreeDutta. To be alone, questioned. No woman wants publicity that opens the floodgates of trolling and insensitivity.What happened to her on set was intimidation.Her only fault was she didn't back down-takes a special courage to be #TanushreeDutta

Twinkle Khanna @ mrsfunnybones
Please read this thread before judging or shaming #TanushreeDutta a working environment without harassment and intimidation is a fundamental right and by speaking up this brave woman helps pave the way towards that very goal for all of us!

Shruti Seth@SethShruti
Boom Hope this is the beginning of the end of sexual harassment in Bollywood. I hope more women find courage to call out their perpetrators. Bravo #TanushreeDutta

barkha dutt@BDUTT
Thank you @FarOutAkhtar for breaking the silence of your industry. #TanushreeDutta

Anurag Kashyap@anuragkashyap72
If my previous tweet sounds vague let me clarify it. This should stop the questioning of intention of Tanushree Datta because there is a witness account of what happened and @janiceseq85 is as credible as they come

Simi Garewal @Simi_Garewal
#Tanushree Dutta I've heard horror stories thru the years of this predatory jungle. Some girls became stars. Others disappeared quietly. Yes they took away your career. They darkened 10 years of your life. But they can't take away your voice & your courage!!

Hansal Mehta @mehtahansal
Will this also die a natural death with no formal complaint, no proper investigation and no punitive action against the predator if he is found guilty? Honestly, I am cynical about the outcome. These offenders go scot free because our outrage is short-lived

Parineeti Chopra @ParineetiChopra
I agree too. Survivors are survivors because they have dealt with something horrible and come out on the other side. So believe them, respect them.
@janiceseq85 #TanushreeDutta

Alankrita Shrivastava@ alankrita601
We have to learn how to believe the women who speak up. When we don't believe them and instead shame them or question their intent then we are complicit. Hats off to #TanushreeDutta for braving it out and telling her truth. Respect

ANI@ANI #WATCH:I don't know anything about this case. This was ten years back, I was a kid back then: Shakti Kapoor on #TanushreeDutta's harassment allegations against Nana Patekar

If a women speaks out about abuse, you listen. Even if it's on her deathbed 50 years after the incident,you listen. If you ask why she didn't speak earlier or you rush to dismiss her, the problem is with you. There will be investigation; but first, listen. Period. #TanushreeDutta

Sonam K Ahuja@ sonamakapoor
I believe #TanushreeDatta and @janiceseq85 recollection of the account. Janice is my friend, and she is anything but an exaggerator or a liar. And it's upto us to stand together

Pritish Nandy@ PritishNandy
This is absolutely disgraceful. What is worse, they got away with it. #TanushreeDutta

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