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When Dilip Kumar made Govinda leave 25 films

Published : Dec 2, 2018, 12:27 am IST
Updated : Dec 2, 2018, 12:27 am IST

Being an outspoken actor, Govinda did not hesitate to share the reaction of the industry when he left these films.


Govinda is seen today as an actor with perfect comic timing. But this was not the path he set out on in Bollywood, and Dilip Kumar has played a significant role in this shift.

Giving a sneak peek on his closeness with the senior thespian Dilip saab Govinda says, “I always pray to the Almighty that Dilip saab should live long, be hale and hearty and healthy. He has always showered me with all his love and blessings, and I am really indebted to him for this. Let me tell you, if bigwigs avoid new comers in the film industry, they (new comers) will remain away from their blessings.”


Revealing how Dilip had influenced his career, Govinda recalls, “I had signed 75 films. No sooner did Dilip saab come to know this, he advised me to give up 25 to 26 films. I immediately agreed and left about 25 films.”

Referring to the signing amount he had received, he said, “Actually, I had spent the entire signing amount that I had received for those films. The million dollar question was how was I to repay this amount? However, I decided to borrow some money from my friends and managed to return the money of those 25 films to their respective producers.”

Being an outspoken actor, Govinda did not hesitate to share the reaction of the industry when he left these films. Many said “Anyone will advise you anything and you blindly follow it. This is not professional.”  I gave them a befitting reply and said,”I have been advised by Dilip saab…Whatever he has told me …that’s it for me. Thereafter I never faced any problems at all.”


Another piece of advice that was given by the senior actor was on doing comedy. Govinda recalls,”I started acting in comedy roles because of Dilip saab. After watching me in serious roles, one fine day he told me to start working in comic roles. He told me that by enacting comic roles I would prosper and remain happy. He also advised me to stop working in action films as well...he is a great personality, an icon of not only of our industry but an icon in the entire world.”

Recounting more, Govinda says, “I was very hard in my nature and I would say anything to anyone on their face. My closeness with Dilip saab and his advice to me from time to time is the reason that I have turned into a soft spoken person. After my mother and Guruji, Dilip saab’s position in my life is of utmost importance.”


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