Shah Rukh Khan to screen Zero for Kamal Haasan

Shah Rukh Khan wants to seek Kamal's opinion on the film's midget act.

Kamal Haasan and Shah Rukh Khan have shared a warm affection and mutual respect for each other ever since the former directed the latter in Hey Ram. Now, 18 years later, as Shah Rukh prepares for the release of his film Zero, in which he plays a midget a la Haasan’s Appu Raja, he has decided to pay homage to the southern superstar by hosting a special screening of the film for him.

A source close to the film’s director Anand L Rai says, “Shah Rukh and Aanand want Kamal’s opinion on the midget act in Zero. After all, his Appu Raja is the classiest midget act to date in Indian cinema. No matter what Shah Rukh achieves with this movie, he will be compared with Kamal. So getting Kamal on board is a sensible decision.”

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