Weighty issues for Arjun Rampal

The actor had to forego his exercise and diet regimen for Daddy, in which he essays the role of don Arun Gawli.

Actors are known to undergo dramatic transformations to fit into their reel characters, often turning to vigorous exercise regimes and diets to achieve that perfect look. The latest to join the trend is model-turned-actor Arjun Rampal, who will play don Arun Gawli in his upcoming film Daddy.

Talking about his transformation, Arjun says, “Physically, I am just the opposite of Arun Gawli. While he is short, I am tall. I had to bring down my weight and lose my muscles to look lean.”

Arun Gawli Arun Gawli

He adds, “For almost 18 months, I stopped going to the gym. Initially, it was really very painful as I love to exercise daily, but it had to be done. To make matters worse, I had to eat a very normal diet too. I lost almost eight kilos of weight by the end.”

On his plans after the film’s release, the actor reveals, “I am going on a break after the film releases. I have not decided where we are going but my family will also be joining me. I am wondering how to bring back all those muscles!” He adds, “I’ll have to drink a lot of beer to put those muscles back! But jokes apart, I will have to get back to my regular gym practice and more. And hog whatever comes my way! No more starving.”

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