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  Discourse   18 Sep 2017

Discourse, 18 Sep 2017

Manage waste efficiently

‘Improved consumerism’, enforcement of waste collection charge is need of the hour.

18 Sep 2017 3:15 AM

The ugly truth

The sanitation and conservancy workers in the country have the first right to say Vande Mataram”.

18 Sep 2017 3:07 AM

Don’t ‘waste’ your garbage

Another harsh reality peculiar to India is that managing or handling of garbage is seen as the job of certain people.

18 Sep 2017 3:02 AM

Time to watch your waste line

It’s easy to blame the government for overflowing garbage bins and clogged drains, but it’s ‘we the people’ who don’t bother to separate trash.

18 Sep 2017 2:52 AM