Spice GST Suvidha provider is armoured for GST rollout

Spice GST Suvidha provider is armoured to contribute to the implementation of fair taxation in India.

New Delhi: India is at the dawn of implementation of fair taxation, GST is all set to rollout on July 1. The primary purpose of the Goods and Services Tax Network GSTN is to offer IT infrastructure and services to central and state governments, taxpayers and other stakeholders, to further facilitate the implementation of the GST.

The Goods and Services Tax or GST as we most of us know by now, is destination based tax that is to be levied on all goods and services and is being introduced with the intent to replace most of the existing indirect taxes including VAT, Service Tax, Excise Duty, Entry Tax and more.

Spice Digital Ltd, the technology wing of Spice Connect Group has diverse interests in Mobility and Fintech solutions for more than a decade now. As a natural progression, Spice Digital is one of the selected GST Suvidha providers taking a proactive part in the GST implementation.

Dealing with the GST filing system directly through the G2B portal may prove to be a little difficult for many taxpaying organizations, who would need third-party applications to access the same. These applications will connect with the GST filing system via secure GST System Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

The application developers are selected after approval from GSTN and are given the names: GST Suvidha Provider, or GSP, and Application Service Providers, or ASP. As one of the chosen GSPs, Spice has had rigourous preparation to be capacitive GST Suvidha provider.

From endless testing to integration and operations, Spice GST Suvidha provider is armoured to contribute to the implementation of fair taxation in India.

"As one of the chosen GST Suvidha Provider to be a part of the GST ecosystem, Spice Digital Ltd. is all set to provide seamless integration for ASPs with the GSTN, to enable the businesses to be compliant with the Government taxes. Our focus is predominantly on security and hassle free connectivity in the process of transition from the current taxation process to a centralized taxation ecosystem," said Global CEO Spice Digital, Saket Agarwal.

"Any transition process is incomplete, without proper help and support center in place; we are simultaneously setting up the centers to ensure a smooth flow for all of our clientele. These centers will also enable the clientele to train their employees and get all the real time updates and corresponding hands on training on any changes related to GST," he said.

Spice GSP provides ways to file sales and purchase return electronically over cloud using automation. The solution includes a GSP application which focuses on enriched asynchronous APIs, metering facility, detailed logging and many more features.

Along with the GSP offerings, an ASP application provides basic information about the entire GST filing process, a simple step by step guide/flow for using the tax filing application, along with the features like multi-field reconciliation and AI based RAG ratings for ensuring an easy reconciliation for the tax filers etc.

Spice GST Suvidha provider also enables any ERP or legacy system to make the data GST compliant, the connectors / middleware helps in automation of fetching the data. The entire product has been built in such a way that can ensure huge data load and compatible to any updates that may or might be sent by GSTN in future.

Additionally, Spice offers to partner with organizations to provide training and understanding about the implementation of GST to their employees, Vendors and Network partners. They would also offer assistance in the development of Application to enable GST for the organization as well as their clients. They would provide Impact analysis and solutions and give them the connectivity to GSTN through a secured platform.

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