10 steps to correct mistakes made while filing income tax returns

One can access the 'e-Proceeding' option on Income Tax department's e-filing website to rectify the errors.

Mumbai: Gone are the times when the income tax department would send you a notice asking you to appear at their office to rectify discrepancies in your I-T filing.

The government has introduced a facility called ‘e-Proceeding’ whereby a taxpayer can address the mismatch without having to physically visit the I-T department office. The department will send the taxpayer an email and an SMS regarding the discrepancy and the taxpayer can respond to the same on this portal.

Income tax filing is a tricky affair and there is always a lurking possibility that one may have made a mistake or two in the process. The following is a step-by-step guide to responding the notice served under section 143(1)(a), for mismatches in tax filing:

1. Log in to your account on the Income Tax department’s e-filing portal -

2. Your account will open. Click on ‘e-Proceeding’, the fourth tab from the left in the blue panel. Select e-Assessment/Proceeding option under the same.

3. A page will appear giving the details of your PAN, assessment year, proceeding name, proceeding status. Click on the hyperlinked option under the ‘Proceeding Name’ column.

4. Proceeding details like reference ID, notice section, description, notice issue date, etc will appear on your screen. Click on the option of 'reference ID' to view the notice.

5. In order to respond to the notice, click on the 'Submit' option under the response column.

6. A new page will open showing all the details of the mismatches made.

7. Under the ‘Response’ option (with a red star beside it), select ‘Agree’ or ‘Disagree’. If you agree with the mismatches noticed, then you must file a revised return within a period of 15 days.

8. If you disagree with the objections, you must choose the appropriate reason from the list of reasons given for disagreement.

9. Fill in all details regarding the mismatch while attaching proof of documents to support your claims.

10. Click on 'Submit'. A message will appear on your screen confirming the same.

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