Niti Aayog to work with IRF to develop policy on intelligent transport system

The policy would cover domains such as traffic and parking management, enforcement, and security.

New Delhi: Government think tank Niti Aayog on Friday said it has signed an agreement with the Geneva-based International Road Federation for designing a policy framework for intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in the country.

The policy would aim at addressing issues such as road safety, traffic congestion, security of passenger and goods traffic and parking management, among others, a release said.

The objective of statement of intent (SoI) is to create a national platform involving all relevant government stakeholders, Indian and foreign companies active in the sector, and relevant technical experts for the purpose of developing a national ITS policy, the release said.

Electronic enforcement of traffic rules and regulations, fleet management and monitoring, innovation and education in the field of ITS are among the areas that would be addressed by the policy.

The work of the national platform will provide a coherent and consistent national ITS policy covering domains such as traffic and parking management, enforcement, and security, it said.

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