Google committed to user data privacy, says top official

Google has doubled down on commitment to provide best in class, privacy settings and controls said Google's Keith Enright.

New Delhi: Tech giant Google on Friday said it continues to focus on bringing in new features to empower users "to remain in control of their online experience" amid rising concerns globally around data privacy and data security.

"Google has doubled down on our commitment to provide best in class, privacy settings and controls across all of our products and services. "We've made significant investments in getting this right...ensure that our products are continuing to innovate and reflect new and improved features to empower users to remain in control of their online experience," Google Chief Privacy Officer Keith Enright told reporters over a video call.

He added that some of the steps include providing one-tap access to Google account across major products and services, and extending incognito mode to products like Search and Maps. "We recognise that we have an obligation to have the strongest possible policies and procedures that govern access to data and sharing of data with third party developers, for example.

"Last year, we announced a number of policy updates regarding developer access to information that were further restricting the ability of information to be shared," he said. Enright said the company is now making additional changes that will mandate developers to only request access to only that data that is necessary for the implementation of features in their Chrome extensions.

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