What are GST registration procedures for new dealers?

New dealers, among other formalities, are required to fill a single application for online registration.

Mumbai: The GST Network that controls and monitors GST returns filings has further simplified the registration process for filings under the new indirect tax regime. Earlier, traders had complained that they were still facing some issues related to GST and returns sunder it.

So, the authorities took it upon themselves and started educating the trader community. Knowing GST rules and methods of filing returns under it are very important. This write-up explains in detail GST registration for new dealers.

GST registration procedure further simplified.GST registration procedure further simplified.

Step by step guide

Here is a step-by-step guide that will further simplify for new dealers to understand the method for registration under the regime.

1- New dealers are required to fill and submit online a single application form to get themselves registered for GST transactions.

2- A PAN-based registration will serve the purpose of the Centre and the states.

3- A unified application to both tax authorities, in this case, the central and the state authorities.

4- Each dealer will get or to be given a unique identification that is known as GSTIN.

5- Users will get a deemed approval within three days.

6- Post registration verification in risk based cases only.

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