Jet Airways warns action against employees if found 'misusing'

The airline has also instructed its employees to use designated gates for entry and exit.

Mumbai: In a bid to curb instances of security breach, private carrier Jet Airways has warned its employees of disciplinary action if they "misuse" passes that allow them access to airports.

In an internal communication, Jet Airways has told its employees that Airport Entry Passes (AEPs) should be used only for official purposes and not during off-hours and for seeing off relatives.

"Any employee found to be at airport wearing AEP when rostered off or pre/post shift times or violating the above rules specified by the BCAS or/and under published rules of sovereign function such as immigration, customs and CISF, the AEP of that employee will be confiscated and strict disciplinary action will be initiated," said the internal circular.

Airport entry passes-- issued by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS)-- allow airport access to airline crew, ground staff, engineers, security personnel and other individuals.

As per rules laid down by BCAS, use of AEP during non-duty hours is a violation of rule 90 of Aircraft Rules, 1934 and rule 18 of Aircraft Security Rule, 2011.

The airline has also instructed its employees to use designated gates for entry and exit. When contacted, a Jet Airways spoksperson refused to comment offhand on the issue.

In order to strengthen security at airports, BCAS is in the process of mandating biometric identification for airport entry or exit purposes.

A BCAS official had recently said that the biometric system was likely to be in place in another 2-3 months time.

However, the state-run national airports operator AAI has sought 18 months time to be able to execute the biometric access control system across the 43 airports, the official said.

The AAI awarded Broadcasting Engineering Consultants India Ltd (BECIL) more than Rs 110 crore worth contract last year for providing biometric access control system at its airports.

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