Vistara plans to introduce a signature drink

The airline service plan to rework its menu choices for passengers onboard.

New Delhi: Full service airline Vistara plans to introduce a "signature drink" and rework its menu choices for passengers onboard. Vistara, which took to the Indian cities more than two years ago, is gathering details about its menus since inception before it decides on the changes.

The airline serves an average of 200 different kinds of meals on its network, covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, according to an official. A joint venture between the Tatas and Singapore Airlines, Vistara changes its menus twice a year -- in April and during October-November.

"We are looking at reworking the menu. We are gathering details about the menus since start of the airline 2015 and that is to have a 360 degree approach before deciding on the changes," Vistara's Head of Cabin Services Gladys Chia told PTI.

With respect to food on flights, new ideas are expected this month or June for the next menu change. "We plan to introduce a signature drink for our passengers. Various options are being look at," she said. Vistara serves about 9,000-10,000 meals a day on its network.

Gladys Chia noted the cabin crew should be able to serve the food efficiently during the flight. "Therefore, menu changes also need to be aligned with the flight duration and cabin crew," she added. The airline has 13 Airbus A320 planes and plans to take another seven (A320 Neo) planes by June 2018.

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