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A Mindful Solution!

Published : Oct 24, 2019, 1:07 am IST
Updated : Oct 24, 2019, 1:07 am IST

Here is a book that can help put you back on track and make you appreciate your life better.

By Dr. Paras, Publisher: Self Published, Pp.100, Rs 1400.
 By Dr. Paras, Publisher: Self Published, Pp.100, Rs 1400.

Opportunities often arrive under the guise of challenges. It wasn’t any different for Mindfulness practitioner, life-leadership coach, and author Dr. Paras. And, his recent book, Mindfulness Practitioner testifies the same. The book essays ways to help people frame their lives better, to help people live in the moment, and to understand themselves on a deeper level—and lead more satisfying lives.

 “I hit an existential stance at the age of 10. And, nobody seemed to have an answer to help me out—not my family, nor my teachers. I then realized that I needed to delve deeper for answers,” begins Dr. Paras, who has been training, coaching for the past 15 years.

 Then at the age of 21, the enterprising coach decided to pursue psychoeducation studies comprising of masters in philosophy, psychotherapy, counselling, hypnosis and spiritual retreats which helped him access the space of mindfulness. Having a strong foundation of transaction analysis, it didn’t take long for the life-coach to zero in on the content of his first book.

“I wanted to write a book on mindfulness, for the past two years. Last year, while I was in did not know where to start because there were too many thoughts,” he reveals. His book series is divided into two parts— The current read is a very basic outline on mindfulness. The book which took Dr. Paras roughly a year, stemmed from a rather interesting observation. Speaking about its underlying theme, he says “The key thing is that there is no right or wrong. There is nothing called as this is how life has to be lived. There’s always a choice. People have a choice to live, people have a choice to believe what they want to believe. How do I account in a relationship with anybody? I sense there’s a heavy discounting people do. Either we blame ourselves, the other person or luck. The book focuses on five major areas—egotive, spiritive, cognitive, emotive, active. If you follow these five domains, you will gain a lot of mindfulness in life.”

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