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Join the dots to find the answer

Published : Jan 20, 2021, 3:00 pm IST
Updated : Jan 20, 2021, 3:00 pm IST

Ever been at a crossroads and wondered how to proceed? Joining the dots with the aid of a self-help book could be the answer!

Shivesh Goel took a leap of faith and penned Find Dots Join Dots— To Solve Your Problem
 Shivesh Goel took a leap of faith and penned Find Dots Join Dots— To Solve Your Problem

Despite there being a great deal of ambiguity surrounding the self-help genre, author Shivesh Goel took a leap of faith and penned Find Dots Join Dots— To Solve Your Problem.

“Being a habitual contemplator, I stumbled upon a fantastic technique of finding the root cause of problems to make it easier to solve them,” begins Shivesh. “Address the root cause to find a true solution to the problem. And to find the root cause — join the dots! The dots can be the events, objects, people, things around you. You can ask yourself some questions like What happened? When? Where? How? and Why?” he says.

The book focuses on tackling problems with clarity, but is not a fail-safe problem solver, cautions the young entrepreneur. “I don’t claim that this book will solve all your problems, as it depends on situations, and results will differ from case to case. But this book will definitely be of help to readers in understanding and getting more clarity regarding their problems.”

Asked whether there are clear cut-ways/strategies to work things out apart from what he has described in Find Dots Join Dots, Shivesh highlights two aspects not dealt with in the book — reducing the impact of the problem, and finding a way around the problem. With respect to the first, he says, “if you find yourself in a severe problem without any means of discovering a direct solution, take small steps to reduce the intensity of the problem, so that it has less of an impact, and consequently, causes less damage.” He also suggests that if one finds oneself in a difficult situation with no apparent solution, one needs to look for an alternative scenario.

Shivesh stresses the importance of strengthening the mind to withstand storms. “All youngsters these days are getting trained to improving their skills sets, which is important and useful at the workplace. Apart from that, you also need an unshakable mindset to deal with everyday problems, challenges and difficulties. This book will inspire youngsters and make them aware of how important an unshakable mindset is,” he concludes.

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