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  Books   09 Jan 2023  Cream biscuits put me in the zone, says Amish Tripathi

Cream biscuits put me in the zone, says Amish Tripathi

Published : Jan 9, 2023, 10:14 am IST
Updated : Jan 9, 2023, 10:14 am IST

I sleep early & wake up early and I am at my most productive early in the mornings

Amish Tripathi — (Photo By Arrangement)
 Amish Tripathi — (Photo By Arrangement)

Writer of the Shiva Trilogy and Ram Chandra Series, which have sold over millions of copies in the Indian subcontinent, Amish Tripathi shares his trade secrets

1.    Why do you write?

Some stories have grabbed my soul, and I write to let them out. I am deeply passionate about our ancient Indian culture and philosophies, and genuinely believe that Dharma has a lot to teach us in the modern day. Therefore, my books revolve around these subjects.

2.    Do you have a writing schedule?

I am a boring disciplined guy. I sleep early & wake up early and I am at my most productive early in the mornings. So, during my writing phases, I normally write in the mornings, and I keep writing till the words flow; sometimes it could be many hours at a stretch.

3.    Coffee/tea/cigarettes — numbers please — while you are writing…

I do drink a lot of coffee; maybe 5-6 cups a day! But I don’t really like tea. I like to have cream biscuits while writing though am trying to control those too as they do pile up on the waistline, and my family has a history of diabetes.

4.    Ever struggled with writer’s block?

Only once in my life when I was going through a series of personal tragedies. The writer’s block lasted for around 2-3 months. But I got out of it. Life is what it is. One has to find the strength to carry on. Charaiveti, charaiveti…

5.    Best piece of advice you've ever got?
Let your heart choose the destination but use your mind to plot the journey. Essentially, to be successful, you must be a combination of a dreamer and a pragmatist. You must find the ideal balance between your heart and your mind.

6.    Do you keep a diary?

No. The mind will remember what one must do in this life and unfortunately, the mind even remembers some things that one wants to forget.

7.    Describe your favourite writing space.

I can write anywhere. I just need a desk, a chair, my laptop, and some music, with no disturbance. And cream biscuits.

8.    Who are your favourite authors?

I read too much to give a list of all-time favourite authors. So, I normally answer this by mentioning books that I read in the recent past that I have liked. Of those books, I liked former Australian PM Kevin Rudd’s The Avoidable War and Yuval Noah Harari’s 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

9.    Which book/author should be banned on grounds of bad taste?

No book should be banned.

10.    Which is the most under-rated book?

Rigveda: A Historical Analysis by Shrikant Talageri. It’s a must read. Sadly, many haven’t heard of it.

11.    Which classics do you want to read?

I have read most of the classics that I would have liked to read.

12.    Your favourite literary character.

Too many to list.

13.    Which is the funniest book you have read?

Books by PG Wodehouse

14.    Which is the most erotic book you have read?

Some of the plays of Kalidasa.

15.    Which book do you wish you had written?

If I like a book, I just admire the talent of the author. I don’t imagine writing it.

16.    Your favourite word?


17.    What is the thing about JLF that you are most looking forward to?

Meeting with my readers and fellow authors. I am returning to JLF after many years since I now live in London.

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