Apple issues scary warning for millions of iPhone, iPad users

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Apple has issued an iOS 13.1 warning that impacts every iPhone and iPad user who have upgraded to the latest OS.

New flaw detected in iOS 13.

Apple has just released iOS 13.1 and with it, you get a plethora of fixes for the serious issues that plagued iOS 13. However, it’s worth mentioning that this excitement was short-lived as Apple has now confirmed a fresh warning to its millions of iPhone and iPad users.

As per an official statement, Apple has revealed that iOS 13.1 and it's latest iPadOS 13.1 have a new flaw which enables third-party keyboards to get “full access” to iPhones and iPads “even if you haven't approved this access”.

Apple states, “This issue does not impact Apple’s built-in keyboards. It also doesn't impact third-party keyboards that don't make use of full access. The issue will be fixed soon in an upcoming software update.”

Due to the fact that its official iOS keyboards were quite limited, third-part keyboards have grown in popularity. To see which keyboards you have installed on your iPhones and iPads, all you need to do is go into Settings > General  > Keyboard > Keyboards. After this, you can choose to uninstall third-party keyboards till Apple issues a fix for the same.

With iOS 13.1 already being released, you can expect a fix in the form of an iOS 13.1.1 update rolling out in the next few weeks. And it is better if you say clear of iOS 13.1.1 till these bugs are resolved.