Exclusive Apple leak reveals exciting iPhone design that will leave the world stunned

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Apple is set to blow the world away with a surprise new design decision.

Apple to introduce new Navy Blue colour.

This year, Apple is making some massive changes to the iPhone that will go extremely well with fans as their internal hardware will be completely refreshed. Now, the latest bit of information that no one saw coming will equal parts stun and excite Apple faithful the world over.

As per an exclusive leak by YouTuber Filip Koroy of EverythingApplePro and XDA’s Max Weinbach, Apple will do the unthinkable and kill off a design that they introduced just last year. As per the tipsters, Apple plans on scrapping the Midnight Green version that’s seen on the iPhone 11 Pro and go with an all-new, exciting colour — Navy Blue.

From the offset, this is a minor change but it is also a truly surprising decision. This is because Midnight Green has been reported to be the most popular finish for the iPhone 11 Pro at launch and it was introduced just in 2019. This is definitely bad news for fans of the new colour but there is a silver lining — the new Navy Blue looks absolutely awesome and from the looks of it, this may be the most popular option this year.

To be fair, this is not a major change and it’s rather superficial in comparison to what we already know about the iPhone 12 line-up. Apart from the screen-size changes, Apple is also expected to add 120Hz ProMotion OLED displays, add new long-range 3D ToF sensors, 5G connectivity across all models, a new Touch ID interface and an all-new A14 chipset to run the entire show. The only downside to the new iPhone 12 models will be an increase in price.