Mysterious 2019 Samsung phone is more exciting than Galaxy Fold, Note 10

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Samsung tipster has suggested that a new Galaxy smartphone will be launched later on this year.

Could there be a Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 be in the works?

Samsung is expected to debut the Galaxy Fold in the future and in our humble opinion, this is one of the most exciting smartphones of the year. However, apparently, we appear to be wrong as well-known Samsung tipster, @IceUniverse has shared in his own cryptic way that there’s another Galaxy flagship in the works that are said to be even more exciting than the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Fold.

On Twitter, @IceUniverse states, “Believe me, the most creative Samsung smartphone in the second half of 2019 is not Fold or Note 10, you just have to wait, don’t ask me more.”

In the past, @IceUniverse had claimed that Samsung and Huawei were the two brands that would introduce new smartphone designs in the latter half of 2019 and we were led to believe that the Galaxy Note 10 was the device he was referring to. We considered the Galaxy Note 10 as it is the only smartphone that’s set to make its debut in the second half of the year with the Galaxy Fold already being officially announced. The tipster then went on to add that it was not the Galaxy Note 10 as the device he was referring to as this device is set to boast a “stable and more mature” aspect of Samsung’s tech while the Galaxy A-Series of handsets will deliver the “radical innovation.”

With that being said, this bit of information doesn’t come as much of a surprise as Samsung has employed this very same strategy last year with its A-Series of smartphones. For the uninitiated, Samsung adds fresh smartphone features on its midrange devices before transferring them on to the flagship models. This is why the triple/quadruple cameras and punch-hole display made its way to premium midrange devices before appearing on the flagship handsets.

So what device could @IceUniverse actually be referring to? Could it be the Galaxy Fold 2 or an A-Series handset? Our guess is as good as any and only time will tell what is this mysterious handset will be.

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