Serious warning for millions of Apple iPhone owners

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Warning released for millions of iPhone users as multiple bugs found in latest iOS 13.

iOS 13 is filled with various bugs.

A few hours ago, Apple has released iOS 13 for millions of iPhone owners across the globe and it comes with countless amazing features including the highly anticipated system-wide Dark Mode. With it, the hope that Apple would keep up its exceptional track record of stellar upgrades has been shot down as several reports are seeping in which suggest that there are a plethora of bugs which harm the overall user experience.

With reviews of the iPhone 11/ 11 Pro coming in earlier this week, many reviewers praised the handset but blasted the iOS 13 that arrived with the device. The Verge stated, “We’ve run into a lot of significant bugs. Apps randomly crash when opening them, cellular signals drop, the Camera app can be slow, pictures have randomly gotten new dates assigned to them, AirDrop has had issues, the text field flips out sometimes in iMessages, and more.”

Wired also chimed in and described the iOS 13 release as a “scattershot release” but doesn’t criticise it as much as Steve Troughten Smith who said iOS 13 was “a super-messy release, something we haven’t seen this bad since iOS 8 or so” while developer Craig Hockenberry said iCloud syncing during iOS 13’s development has been nothing less than a “clusterf*ck”. 

He went on to state, “[It] appears that the entire stack is getting rolled back and there won’t be new iCloud features in iOS 13 (at least initially).”

Several readers have also issued warnings about major problems with Mail and Remainders, in particular, and AppleViz, which is a blind and low-vision community found a ton of problems with Braille-related inputs. However, it appears this is just the beginning.

Inc has stated that the Department of Defense is warning its staff and contractors to stay away from this update. Inc states that the DOD states, “DOD Mobility strongly encourages you to NOT update [their caps], to avoid known Apple iOS 13 bugs. Apple is expected to release iOS 13.1 at the end of September 2019 to address bugs. DMUC users can expect follow-on messaging within the next two weeks with updated guidance.”

What’s even worse is that iOS 13 also has a serious security flaw that’s been discovered by security researcher Jay Rodriguez. This flaw lets you bypass the lock screen to gain access to contact information.

Forbes adds, “To Apple’s credit, the company has confirmed to various outlets, including Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, that it has accelerated the launch of iOS 13.1 bringing it down from 30 to 24 September. This is the fastest a major point release has ever arrived after a generational upgrade.”

As of now, it is better to wait for the update that will take place at the end of the month instead of switching to a half-baked OS.