Forget the iPhone 12; this 2020 iPhone is way more exciting

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This budget-friendly handset has almost all the features found in this year’s pricey models.

With the iPhone SE2, Apple has made the conscious decision to go with specifications rather than design.

2020 is looking more likely than ever in which Apple will launch its highly-anticipated iPhone 12 handset. There is a lot of excitement being stirred up by online media especially since it is touted to be a handset with completely redesigned looks. However, while it will come with some impressive specifications, it is expected to cost a pretty penny. This takes the shine of the iPhone 12 and in turn, gives rise to the anticipation of another upcoming model — the iPhone SE2.

The iPhone SE2 is expected to come with at least 95 per cent of the features found in the iPhone 12 that are tipped to be nearly double its price. This model could be the highest selling iPhones of the year and its biggest entry into Apple’s ecosystem and in turn allow iOS to compete with Android offerings in the mid-range segment.

So what makes the iPhone SE2 all the more impressive?

To start off, with the iPhone SE2, Apple has made the conscious decision to go with specifications rather than design. The iPhone SE2 looks similar to the iPhone 6 which launched in 2014 and even though it has this dated design, it will pack internals such as an Apple A13 chipset and hopefully RAM that will make the overall experience extremely smooth. Most people will forego styling and fashion for practicality which could make it the highest-selling iPhone this year.

Second is the design and in particular the size. When looking for a modern smartphone that offers flagship specifications in a smaller form-factor is bordering on the impossible. Strangely, there appears to be a direct relationship between size and power and there is a large chunk of people that don’t want a big handset. This is where the iPhone SE2 comes in and it could capitalize on this need from consumers.

Lastly, the iPhone SE2 will be cheaper than the iPhone 12 and Forbes adds this, “Apple knows the power of a cheaper iPhone to consumers. Its current model trades specifications for the price by keeping older models in the portfolio for a longer period. When the model was exclusively about iPhone sales that made a certain amount of sense. Now that there is a move away from hardware to software, there’s a different numbers game in town.”