Did Google tease the Pixel 3 XL 3 months ago?

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Google’s ‘Make Google Do It’ campaign showed a device with slim bezels and familiar Pixel-like aesthetics.

It’s highly possible that the Pixel 3 XL could feature a fullscreen display with a non-existent chin and a slim forehead.

For the past couple of days, the rumours for Google’s Pixel 3 have taken a new turn. We have been subjected to professional unboxing videos of leaked Pixel 3 XL pre-production units since the last few months. We even took it for granted that Google’s 2018 flagship will sport an ugly ‘notched design’ with a dual front camera and a stereo speaker setup. However, a couple of small leaks now suggest otherwise and we have come across more evidence to believe it.

Google has been doing the ‘Make Google Do It’ campaign for promoting its Google Assistant for a while on the Home smart speakers and Android smartphones in the UK. In one of the ad films titled — “Make Google do it: Katarina Johnson-Thompson,” they teased a device that hasn’t been seen before. The smartphone has a lot of reference to the Pixel 2 lineup, especially with its white body and a black front face. What’s surprising though is the presence of a fullscreen bezel-less display with no noticeable chin at the bottom. The top of the smartphone isn’t visible, thereby denying us the chance to catch a look at the top.

Many have questioned the device, denying the possibility of this being an upcoming smartphone anytime soon. Some have even termed it as a Pixel 2 XL with a photoshopped face. However, with the recent indications about a fullscreen Pixel 3 from several sources, there could be a possibility that Google cleverly hinted at the upcoming Pixel device three months ago.

It’s highly possible that the Pixel 3 XL could feature a fullscreen display with a non-existent chin and a slim forehead, like the Samsung Note 9, housing the front camera, the sensors and the earpiece. Google could go Apple’s way to bend the OLED panel at the bottom and tuff the driver beneath the panel, which could eventually make it more expensive than previous Pixel smartphones.

There are chances that we may be misled by Google is some way, which is why you should still hold on until October 9 before making up your mind. However, Google and its hardware manufacturers have the technical prowess to conceptualise the dream Pixel phone and turn it into reality.